Caroline M.


Caroline M.

Caroline is a writer from San Francisco with a day job in Public Relations. She majored in journalism in college and is always writing something - from The X-Files fanfiction to lifestyle blog posts. She loves many things, including green tea, memes, classic rock music, true crime and Netflix binging. You can usually find her quoting pop culture, tweeting about intersectional feminism or hugging other people’s dogs. She can also be found on TwitterInstagram or her blog.

Favorite Motivational Quote

"Stay afraid, but do it anyway." - Carrie Fisher

Song I turn on for a confidence boost

Good As Hell by Lizzo

If I were an animal I'd be a & why

A dolphin, because they're playful and loud and friends with mermaids!

Quality of mine i'm most proud of

My loyalty.

Dream Career

I'm not sure yet!

Cause I'm most passionate about

LGBTQ+ rights


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