Louis the Rescue Pup

After weeks of checking the Wisconsin Humane Society website day after day, we fell in love with a black Australian shepherd mix named Eamon. We fell in love with his little black ears, puppy dog eyes and his perfect “I know I’m cute” head tilt. After filling out an application, the volunteer led us into the play area where we would meet our future family member. Approaching with caution, Eamon sniffed us and circled around as we let him come to us. After a few minutes, Eamon made his way into each of our laps, rotating from person to person to take full advantage of all of the pets and kisses he could get. The volunteer informed us that Eamon was a shy puppy and needed a lot of love to come out of his shell and we were more than willing to be the family to give him all of the love he needed. After completing all of the necessary paperwork and grabbing a few toys from the gift shop, we headed home with our new puppy.


We bounced around a few different names before deciding to change Eamon’s name to Louis. He also goes by Lou, Lew Lew, baby dog and many more nicknames. His passions include watching squirrels from the windows, barking at deer, getting treats from his mom and sleeping on his favorite chair. 3 years ago Louis was fearful of most people and today he excitedly shakes his little butt as guests enter our house.


The Humane Society not only changed Louis’ life but also changed my family’s. The Humane Society of the United States is a nonprofit organization dedicated to ending animal cruelty and finding loving homes for all animals. There’s a saying “who saved who” when it comes to adopting animals and as much as he needed saving, Louis brought that special love only a dog can bring back into our home.


Words: Melissa M.


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