Week 4 of #52ACTIONS

If you're still following along with us, I'm super impressed with you dedication to making a difference this year. We're almost one month in to the 52 Actions challenge, and on to the fourth week of making a positive impact. Last week, we substituted one meal with a meatless alternative to decrease our environmental impact (we also shared some delicious vegetarian recipe ideas for you here). 


This week's challenge requires a little less effort. Here it is:

Donate $5 to your favorite charity and share with us why this cause is important to you.


We want to know what causes are especially close to your heart and why! Later this week, I'll also share where I donated my money to and why that cause is especially important to me. 


Let us know how it goes, and as always, share with us on social media any time you participate so we can see and share!