10 Things We're Leaving 2017

Old habits die hard, but the most motivating time to kick them is the new year. One thing is for sure, and that's that 2017 was a rough one. But rather than wallow, we're making changes to ensure 2018 is a better year than the last. Here are 10 things that we're leaving 2017 to make 2018 one of positivity, self-care, and overall improvement.


  1. Guilt over taking mental health days. First of all, because your mental health is just as important as your physical health. Second of all, because it's actually beneficial for both you and your company to take mental health days when necessary.
  2. Shying away from difficult conversations. Get over the fear of having conversations that are controversial. They're important and necessary and when done right, productive. 
  3. Ignorance. No more “alternative facts” bullshit. Facts are facts. Educate yourself on important issues.
  4. Close-mindedness. This is on all spectrums. Be open to listening to those who think different from you.
  5. Helplessness. The world has big problems, and it can feel like you're helpless in making a difference. But you're not - vote, be vocal, be active, and do your part regardless of it feels futile.
  6. Not believing women / victim blaming. After the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements, women are proving we're done keeping quiet, and we're standing with them.
  7. Being uninvolved. No more apathy or indifference. We're taking action every week. (See 52 Actions).
  8. Mental health stigma. Mental illnesses are common - one in five adults experiences mental illness in their life. Here are five ways to change your language to improve the stigma. 
  9. Being wasteful. Here's your excuse to buy a cool reusable water bottle, coffee cup, grocery tote, etc. 
  10. Ungratefulness. Appreciate the small things - someone would kill to have what you have at this very moment. 


Here's to a better year!