Organizational Tips to Help You Conquer Your Anxiety

Right now as you’re reading this you may be feeling overwhelmed by the date. Maybe you haven’t looked at your to-do list quite yet, but there’s an ever-present cloud of anxiety hanging over your head you can quite place when you first woke up this morning. That’s right -- it’s Sunday again. Before you start re-posting gloomy moods in gif form, let’s take this one step at a time. We’re going to walk you through how to shake off some of the Sunday Scaries  with productivity notes, organizational hacks, tips for staying motivated, getting inspired, starting your week off right!



Calendars, Calendars, Calendars

Let’s talk writing things down. The simplest way to clear your head and freeing up some space in your brain is to be able to visualize when you need to. Lucky for you, we’ve got free downloadable and printable on the Heartman Blog. Click here to download the designs for April! Maybe you’ve got a ton on your plate and everything won’t fit, but don’t fret. The best way to utilize this type of calendar is to write big-ticket items only; save your tasks for your daily planner. Also, cross the past days out! It’s cathartic to check things off and to leave yesterday behind. For even more organization, try saving a trendy, patterned calendar as your desktop wallpaper. This helps with quick access to dates, that way you don’t double-book or get your days confused.



Be Your Own Personal Assistant

Make your life work for you by using your phone for more than family group texts and using your laptop as something other than your TV screen. There are tons of productivity apps that are free, simple to use, and will help you remember to remember to stay on top of your stuff. For you Google Chrome, try Momentum. It replaces the usual screen of previous visited sites and favorited pages, and shows you a different gorgeous picture everyday, the time, weather, tweetable inspirational quote, and a to-do list. No more forgetting to order that thing you needed to order online.


What Momentum looks like on your screen.

What Momentum looks like on your screen.


For iPhone users, make full use of those widgets and get the most out of storage. The Vantage calendar app has 3D touch shortcuts and a widget for your today screen. You can even change the backgrounds, fonts, tags, and take notes. Also give to-do list apps like Sorted, MasterTask, and Handle a try for ultimate get-stuff-done lifestyles.


Here's what Vantage Calendar looks like on your phone:

Screen Shot 2018-04-13 at 2.18.20 PM.png

You Deserve a Day Off

If you stay organized, you won’t have to get organized. Once you take your daily life by the reigns, give yourself time to mentally prepare for your week ahead. Having one day or night to yourself to chill and shutdown your brain helps to recalibrate for a brand new day. For work weeks starting on Monday, face your Sunday Scaries head on during the week so that once the end of the weekend arrives, you’re prepared with your productivity toolbox and a rested mind and body.


Have a great week!

Words: Grace Williams