Fun Sh*t Friday!


Happy Friday! Here’s some Fun Sh*t:



First things first: Fridays mean new music is out in the airwaves and Spotify hooks us all up with the New Music Friday playlist. Did you know that Spotify also personalizes a playlist filled with new releases based on your music library and preferences? It’s called Release Radar and you can find your custom collection in the Discover section of the app. It’s updated every week, so make sure you save your favorite bops and bangers. If you want to explore some new stuff, check out my Release Radar here!




If we’re honest, a night in sounds great. You deserve a night off to grab some snacks and veg out in front of a screen for a while. This week in TV there were spring premiers galore, including the 7th and final season of New Girl. We'll miss our quirky Jess and our hilariously cute newly weds, Cece and Schmidt... but let's not talk about that right now. How about we just enjoy the new episodes airing on Tuesday nights while we can...


Photo via   AV/TV Club

Photo via  AV/TV Club


Cool Brand Alert: Brandless

A girl’s gotta eat, right? It’s too bad some of our preferred options can run up our weekly grocery budget well above our means. There’s an online grocery store set out to fix that problem and still offer comfort foods, organic and gluten-free foods, canned goods, homewares, and so much more for the same price of -- wait for it -- $3 (or 2 for $3, even 3 for $3). Brandless launched last summer with a mission to dispel the hidden “brand tax” we all pay for brand name items. If you love store-brand prices and quality with name-brand tastes and Amazon conveniences, give Brandless a shot. I can attest to everything being delicious and 100% legit. For my new apartment I ordered the plates, cookware, and soaps and they saved my spending budget. Next on my list is to try their beauty products. Even better, for every order made, Brandless donates one meal through their partnership with Feeding America. How cool is that?!


Photo via  CNN Money

Photo via CNN Money


What You’ve Probably Seen Everywhere

The chances of you being on social media this Tuesday and not seeing Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg on the trending tags was quite slim. Check out Quartz’s take on the madness with the Obsession Obsession -- “Sorry”.

Photo via  Mirror

Photo via Mirror


Insta Inspo

Here are some accounts you might not have scrolled past yet while you were looking for memes to send to your bffs:




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Words: Grace Williams