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Happy Friday! Here's some fun sh*t for ya!



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Yes, new music, yasss! Last week, I mentioned the Spotify New Music Friday playlists and your own Release Radar. If you missed it, Spotify hooks us all up with the New Music Friday playlist. They personalize  a playlist filled with new releases based on your music library and preferences called Release Radar and you can find your custom collection in the Discover section of the app. It’s updated every week, so make sure you save your favorite bops and bangers. There’s also another playlist I’ve been loving this week. Blast this Hanging Out and Relaxing playlist for some alternative tunes while you’re … well, hanging out and relaxing.

via Spotify

via Spotify


The Art of the Gif

Throwback to the days when Tumblr was in its prime and memes were simpler (who remembers the “me gusta” face?) Back then -- all five or six years ago -- we used to have to keep a folder saved onto our desktops or browsers to copy and paste links to the perfect gif. They were so hard to come by! And if you saw a good one and forgot to save, it was gone until that reblog finally resurfaced.


We can’t even fathom going back to that now! Our socials and texts now have built in gifs, but the true way to access that perfect reaction you were looking for is to use a gif app and add it to your keyboard for quick access. My favorite is GIF KEYBOARD and that quick access to that unexpected, spot-on, random Mojo Jojo from the Powerpuff Girls gif you were thinking about is right there.


For even further gif hunting, the Twitter community is always quick with the gif creation. If you like to live-tweet during award shows, or intensely stare at your screen while the next scandal is being interviewed on live TV, check out Giphy for desktop access, too!


Pro Tip: Get specific with your search! If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can always go to Google to deep-dive for a gif version of a screen grab. You may think you’re the only one looking for something, but you’d be surprised. And yes, typing in “blinking guy” will totally work.


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Words: Grace Williams