How to Get Organized to Start the Week Off Right

It’s about that time! Last week, we talked about the importance of calendars, maximizing your Google Chrome web surfing, and even more calendars. Here are some more productivity tips to gear you up for the week. You can do it!



Clear the Deck

Now, be honest. What does your desktop screen look like? Is it chaos with a bunch of screenshots and files scattered across the screen? Or maybe it’s an organized chaos with your docs in clusters, all named various versions of “asdfghjkl.pdf”. A major tip is to get those files in order! I personally like to have a completely clear desktop with one file to hold it all. Try to get in the mindset that there should be a folder for everything and everything is in it’s folder. As a default rule, though, I download or save new items straight to my desktop so I know exactly where it is while I’m working on it; then decide where it should go. More often than not, it goes right into the trash!

Screen Shot 2018-04-23 at 9.46.38 AM.png

P.S. Maximize your computer storage by doing a monthly clean out of your folders if you’re prone to holding on to things you may not need. Even better, use Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud so you’ll always have a backup.


Clear the Other Deck

While you’re at it, let’s talk about that inbox of yours. No one, no one at all, should have to deal with 3,567 unread messages at ANY time! Do yourself a favor and organize your email while you have the patience. A couple things I like to do that help me get to inbox-zero:

Screen Shot 2018-04-23 at 9.50.35 AM.png
  • Read your newsletters (I love a good news letter), then trash them! Unless you wanted to hold onto it for later to refer back to a link or two, move that to the delete bin.
  • Leave all emails that still need your response, or ones that you’re waiting on a response. Only completely remove threads until the conversation or week is over. 
  • Can’t delete? Archive! Create a save or archive folder if your email platform doesn’t already have one. Most systems permanently delete trashed messages after about 10 days. So if you’re nervous about getting rid of something you may want to reference in the near future, archive it now for peace of mind.
  • Label everything. Like to have your receipts emailed? Move it to the receipt label. Booking confirmations? Move it to the confirmations label. Receive a file you may have to forward later? Move it to the important label.
  • Use an email app that works for you. Third party apps like Spark (with desktop and iOS versions available), are great ways to keep all of your email addresses in the same place. They even do us a kindness by labeling your inbox homescreen with a section for newsletters, personal, and other categories in their Smart Inbox feature. Try it if you’re overwhelmed by too much correspondence.


Chill Out

Remember to plan ahead so that you can have some time to yourself. If that means you have to schedule in your me-time to practice self-care, go for it! Your greatest asset is you. Take care of yourself!


Words: Grace Williams