Fun Friday Things

Happy Friday! What to do, what to do ...


New week, new music! The Browse section of Spotify has got you covered because you can search by genre or mood. I know I’m a sucker for a 2000s throwback playlist, that’s for sure. Also, if you head to the app now, you’ll see the section Amplify: Emotional Health under the Genres & Moods tab. You’ll see popular playlists all about self-care because April is Stress Awareness Month. There’s chill playlists with acoustic-only songs and even podcasts. If you’re not big on Spotify but are digging your self-care game right now, peep the Self Care Sundays podcast available on iTunes.


Get out there

A recent post on Travel Noire, a travel blog devoted to keeping readers connected to unconventional and awesome things to do abroad, reminded me of one awesome tool: Groupon! Why do we always use this as a last resort? Even if you don’t consider your town a metropolitan hub of never-ending events, type in your zip code and see what’s nearby -- you never know what you could be missing. Using Groupon will help you discover something new about where you live or even offer some sweet discounts for a concert, show, or restaurant you’ve been dying to go to. I even got these acrylic drawers to store my makeup after I was notified about a sale!


Speaking of shopping, have you looked into Ebates yet? You’ve seen the commercials about how these totally real customers and avid shoppers use Ebates to earn cashback from their online purchases. Well, it is completely legit and can be used online and in-store! Download the app to link the deals to your account next time you’re thinking of making a trip to the shoppes and while you’re online, download the extension for Google Chrome so you’ll be notified if the site you’re on offers Ebates deals. Groupon offers cashback and so do some travel sites like You can’t lose.


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Words: Grace Williams