Re: Your Sunday Scaries

Reminder: You’re going to be absolutely fine and we’re going to take this week one step at a time.


Be A Routine Queen

Getting a grip on your schedule is one thing, but mastering it takes time. You’ve got to do the best thing for you. If you break down the day-to-day tasks of just being human, we can all pretty much say that our days begin by waking up and checking our phones. Add that as a part of your routine and boom, one step down. But if you’re like most of us who get distracted and stay in bed for a little too long, set your alarm for a few minutes before your absolute must-get-up-now time.


Nighttime Routines

Let’s start with how you will end your day. Come up with an activity you can do to signal your brain that the work/school day is over and downtime has begun. If you work from home or have hectic days on the regular, this first step to start the end of your day is super important for your peace of mind. Take some queues from this nighttime routine to adapt to your life:

  1. Change clothes or shower. After you’ve settled in at home or have closed your laptop of all work-related content, take a shower and change your clothes. This step literally gets the day off of you and will make you much more comfortable. We all know how good it feels to step into your comfy sweats and take off that bothersome bra!

  2. Eat dinner. We won’t make you meal prep, but leftovers can be pretty good. Even better when you’re too tired to make something new and your food budget for the month is almost maxed out. If you live alone or with someone who takes care of their own meals, get in the habit of making larger quantities of food so you can chow down on the rest with minimal prep and clean up.

  3. Pick out your clothes. Shave time off your morning routine by laying out what you’ll wear the next day. This includes actually trying on the full outfit, posing in the mirror to check out all the angles, and accessorizing. Trying on outfits in your spare time is one of the best ways you can limit the probability of running late. Get to know your closet! And get to know which all black everything combination makes you look like you didn’t only have five minutes to rush out the door.


Morning Routines

This is the one that really counts. Your mornings prepare you for your day and Monday mornings especially prepare you for the week. Unlike the nighttime routines, morning routines have a lot less wiggle room. Since you’ve already laid out your clothes the night before, that’s one less thing to think about. The number one thing you should always leave time for is margins and room for error! Alarms don’t go off and traffic makes us run behind on our schedule. Get in the habit of allowing yourself around 30 minutes of leeway from your alarm sounding to when you actually leave for the day. This 30 minutes could be the difference between a quick coffee run during your commute and having to skip breakfast on the day you are unable to eat lunch until 2:00pm.


Take your time, but make each step deliberate. It’s your life -- make it work for you!


Words: Grace Williams