Friday Things!

Happy, happy Friday! We’re back at it again.



You know what time it is! That’s right -- new weekend, new playlist. But you all know the struggle of not being able to decide on what to listen to when you’re with a bunch of people with varying tastes and opinions. I went on a couple of long drives this week and this throwback 2000s playlist actually made everyone happy. That just does not happen! Press play if you have a crowd that’s hard to please or if you just need some good pump-up jams.


Package Free? Yes, Please!

So many of us are moving in or moving out this time of year. That means having to buy or sell your stuff. Who doesn’t love a fresh start? Stressful as it may be, clearing everything out is sometimes very necessary. The worst part is how much waste we go through just to transport our things or ordering necessities online. Take a note from the online marketplace Package Free Shop. They use zero plastic and a 100% recyclable way to send your reusable goods. Peep their assortment of items from personal hygiene to homewares and even spices! If you need to ease your way into the zero-waste life without purchasing anything just yet, check out the On-The-Go section for travel-friendly items like grocery bags and water bottles. You can really never have enough totes.

For deeper reading into the Zero Waste movement, there’s also a blog with tons of info on what it takes to consume consciously. The Easy Changes section on the Trash is for Tossers website connected to the Package Free Shop will have you changing your mind about the way we live. Fun Give a Sh*t Friday, am I right?


Internet Obsession: DIY Videos

Internet deep-dives are one of life’s greatest pleasures. In the spirit of spring cleaning, two DIY YouTube channels might help inspire you to give you space a good sprucing up. The Sorry Girls and Mr. Kate have ideas for every budget and style. A lot of the times, you may have all that you need for a DIY project right at home. Weekend-long projects of course may require a trip or two to the hardware store, but these two channels know what’s up when it comes to directions and accurate measurements. Try starting off slow with an upcycle project in your downtime like this pottery upcycle from The Sorry Girls crew. Or if you’ve been meaning to give your room a makeover, you can still ball on a budget without sacrificing any style points like Mr. Kate loves to do. Enjoy the video deep-dive and the inspiration that follows!


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Words: Grace Williams