Re: Your Sunday Scaries

What do we want? A CLEAN HOUSE! When do we want it? NOW! When are we going to clean it?! Uhhhhh…

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Making It a Habit

You can be honest here. When was the last time you gave your space a deep clean? Like actually scrubbed the grout in the bathroom and got out the step stool to dust off the vents? If you can’t remember, it may have been too long. Don’t sweat it -- those aren’t the chores that have to be done every single day, and are also the chores might that require a full day work. First take care of the kind of tasks that would behoove you to make them habitual and require minimal elbow grease. If you take inventory of the type of person you are and level of organization you prefer, this can be pretty simple.

For example, do you have The Chair? You know, that accent chair in your bedroom that serves no other purpose besides a dumping spot for the remnants outfits past? Be real about how long you’ll let items live there. An easy way to stop wanting the Chair pile to grow is to keep you closet door open during the day. You’ll be able to clearly see which hangers are vacant and the gaps between your clothes. This should motivate you to hang things back up so that you’re closet stays organized. A double whammy. A good rule of thumb is to do it as soon as you think about it to get it out the way. The same goes for making the bed! Once you’re up at at ‘em, straighten out your sheets and pillows. It’ll be the very first task you accomplish in the morning, gearing you up for the potential of a productive day.


It’s All About Baby Steps

It’s totally fine if something doesn’t have to be done right then and there, like rotating your mattress and shampooing the carpet. You can give yourself a break on that one. But you should do the things that might be able to wait, but are simple enough to do at any given free moment. Don’t neglect that line of thought because it is almost too easy for the little things to turn into time consuming weekend projects. Spring cleaning is a real thing and very cathartic! But you can save that for a long weekend -- but actually schedule it in. Don’t put it off until it’s too late and you have three guests coming to say and nowhere comfortable to seat them between the pile of jeans and tower of junk mail.


Think of it like this: your Monday to Thursday can be when you 1) never skip making your bed in the mornings, 2) quickly wipe down your counters (bathroom and kitchen) after each use, and 3) put away your shoes and clothes once you take them off. Once Friday rolls around and you literally can’t even deal with the week anymore, your place is pretty tidy and a blessed sight for sore eyes when you get home after the work week. Then, you cut yourself some slack on Friday and Saturday to either go out and stay out, or stay in and stew in your pjs and make some joyous crumbs while you snack in bed. Permission granted to leave the pizza box out for easy access in the morning.


Sundays can be when you slowly bring yourself back to reality to prepare for the week ahead by pulling out those cleaning products and get to scrubbing and sweeping. You’ve already kept the majority of your spaces tidy, so it should be smooth sailing. Then you do it all over again the next week. Trust me, it’s worth it!


Words: Grace Williams