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Major shout out to the Spotify Discover page for leading us to the live recording jackpot! Every now and again our favorite artists will record a song or two (or three!) of theirs at the Spotify Headquarters. You may see them pop up with the song title and “Recorded at Spotify Studios NYC”. These are called Spotify Singles and it’s beyond an acoustic cover because a lot of the times they will have their full band, just a cooler, live version of a their hit songs. Check out this 300+ song playlist devoted to the Spotify Sessions: Singles!


Clear Mind, Clear Skin, Can’t Lose

Coming soon to a Sephora near you, the clean beauty aisles. In just a few weeks you’ll start to see the Clean at Sephora category when you’re browsing for products. We all love an effective and eco friendly 5-free beauty product and Sephora is making it official. The company is catching on to how many customers are searching high and low for products that are “free of” or vegan, or both, but still tried and true. Sephora’s taken some environmentally conscious steps before, and this just makes it better. Seeing big companies make big changes is amazing. While these large stores may be more readily available to the average customer, don’t forget to give indie brands some love! Your new favorite skin care, hair products, and makeup brands are out there run with a small-business framework. Next time you’re on the hunt for a vegan serum or lipstick, do some research into well-loved indie brands (or give the instagram explore page a couple of scrolls).


Another Internet Obsession: Cooking Tutorials

In all seriousness, the go-to place for tutorials is YouTube. While there are a lot of things we should leave the the professionals (most involving anything having to do with engines or valves), we can learn a lot of simple tasks that we otherwise may have never mastered. YouTube has plenty of beauty tutorials for makeup inspo, but try looking into the cooking side of platform. There are plenty of quick videos on how to do the little things, like scrambling eggs the “right” way and Master Chef style teachings from Gordon Ramsay himself, but it goes way deeper than that. If you’re a complete beginner who may consider themselves helpless in the kitchen, or even if you’ve got your knife skills down, look at some of Gemma Stafford’s videos for cooking tips and new recipes. All of her videos are easy to follow and reassuring because you may have a lot of the ingredients already in your cabinets. Some absolute game changers are her baking basics and -- wait for it -- meals in a mug (literally recipes like pizza and brownies made with a mug of your choosing and a microwaves). All recipes and measurements are written on her website, too. Go bookmark your faves!


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Words: Grace Williams