Fun Sh*t Friday!

Cheers to the long freakin’ weekend!



Alrighty, so this weekend’s playlist(s) has got to count. For the good vibes only crowd, you’re going to want some songs like the ones on this Soak Up the Sun playlist. There’s also some tunes for the mixed crowd in desperate need of a blend of oldies but goodies and songs the cool kids would still be down to listen to -- Time Out’s got you covered with their 50 best summer songs. If you have a particular taste or party vibe you’re looking for, here are some tips from Real Simple on how to create your own poppin playlist for any upcoming festivities.


What To Do

For those of us who are taking this long weekend to do absolutely nothing, more power to ya. There is no shame in the lazy game -- especially when you have three whole days to take advantage of it! If you’ll be cuddling up indoors by yourself or with some friends, Bustle has some ways to celebrate without walking out your front door. And if you’re still going to take advantage of your weekend off but not in the traditional BBQ and pool party way, they have a list of stores and restaurants staying open on the bank holiday. Enjoy your weekend!


Awesome Kids Doing Awesome Things

After the slew of awful recent events, the younger generation needs a win. We all need a win. And before things get too technical, there’s a tag you should start getting used to seeing and it’s #YouthVGov. 21 young people ranging in age from 9 years old to 22, are taking charge in suing the U.S. government in a case called Juliana v. United States. Haven’t heard of it? The plaintiffs originally filed in Oregon in 2015. The complaint is that the government’s inaction against combating climate change is infringing on children’s constitutional rights. Their rights to life, liberty, and property and failure to protect public resources is a major injustice. The trial was originally set to take place in February, but the current administration is doing a whole lot to keeps kids out of the courtroom. The new trial date is set for October 29th and you can be a part of it, too! See the Facebook invite here and learn about other ways you can get involved.

It is wild to think that children are taking a stand for not only what they believe in, but what impacts ALL of us today and forever. Something has to be done and we need to take notes from the youth. More information about the kids -- ahem, plaintiffs -- involved, can be found on and their partner,


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Words: Grace Williams