Fun Sh*t Friday!

It’s nearly Cinco de Mayo! Stay safe and have fun this weekend.



Need a pregame playlist or something to listen to on your commute home to get you in the Friday mood? In honor of the festivities going on in your area, check out this New Music Friday Latin playlist! Same allure of hot new tracks debuting on Fridays, all by Latin artists. Try something new this weekend -- maybe you’ll pick up a Spanish word or two.


Before You Head Out

You can absolutely go out and enjoy the Cinco de Mayo events at local spots, but don’t forget where the tradition began. Navigating your way around cultural appropriation can be tough since we can’t be expected to know everything about every culture. The good news is, it’s really just about respect. Mashable has an excellent post from last year about how the Americanized version of the day is problematic (ditch the sombreros and mustaches, for starters) and some ways to avoid contributing to that cause by getting educated on what the day is and why it’s celebrated in the first place (and no, it’s not Mexican Independence Day). Also, check out this post from 303 Magazine detailing ways to celebrate respectfully. Something we can all do: have your night out at a Mexican-owned restaurant and skip the chains. That will support your local business and still get you in the festive mood.


Finally, Some Good News!

Who even reads actual newspapers anymore? But this publication is one you’ll want to get your hands on. The Happy Newspaper highlights current events -- just the lovely stories, though! The creator, Emily Coxhead, put together the newspaper to spread positive news (thank you!) and stories about awesome people and great things. On top of the sweet stories you’ll read, the colors and aesthetic is so bright and beautiful. You can’t help but smile when you look at it! This is a UK based brand, but they ship worldwide for those wanting to subscribe. See what it’s all about on the website here.


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Happy Weekend!

Words: Grace WIlliams