Fearless Female Interview: Caroline McNally


Favorite motivational quote by a woman or just in general?

"Stay afraid, but do it anyway. What’s important is the action. You don’t have to wait to be confident. Just do it and eventually the confidence will follow." - Carrie Fisher

I think Carrie Fisher personifies what it means to be fearless, not because she didn’t have any fears, but because she fought on despite her fears and struggles. She always stood up for herself and others, refused to be shamed, and didn’t conform to society’s standards for actresses. She was loud and messy and honest, even in painful ways.


What does a fearless female look like to you?

A fearless female is a woman who stands up for what she believes in and never backs down. She doesn’t let others tell her what to believe, she forms her own opinions. A fearless female knows that just by virtue of existing, she has power, and she knows how - or is trying to learn how - to utilize that power. I also think a fearless female is definitely a feminist.


Why do you think it’s important to see more women in positions of leadership?

To show children that woman can be anything. Mostly to show little girls that they can be anything from a computer scientist to president when they grow up, but also to show little boys that positions of leadership are not gendered. Women in leadership positions help promote the idea that the only thing that should qualify you for a position is knowledge and talent in that field.


What  makes a feminist in your eyes?

A feminist is someone who believes in full equality in the world. Not someone who thinks women are better than men, but that women and men (and nonbinary/trans/genderfluid people!) are all on the same level. A feminist helps give a voice to the voiceless and they work to make the world a better place for everyone in it.


How do you work to make your feminism intersectional?

I make an effort to consume media that comes from people with different backgrounds than mine. I look for movies and tv shows written by people of color, I find books written by people living in other countries and I seek out people on social media that look differently than I do. I try to have the art and media I consume reflect the spectrum of human existence and not just white, privileged individuals.