Fearless Female Interview: Mea Lambert

Who is your role model / a female that inspires you?

My role model or a female that inspires me would have to be Courtney Mills, She is staffing for a missionary group called “YWAM” and she is the most courageous women I know. She is also a co-writer/co-founder (along with her friend Carissa Griffith) of CHASM Magazine which is a magazine that she is creating. She laughs at fear and isn’t afraid of failure when it comes to things that she loves and desires. She has taught me so much on what it looks like to be a powerful women and continues to teach women that all over the world.


Favorite motivational quote by said woman or just in general?

“She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.”  It basically tells us who we are and what we are capable of, we have so much to conquer.


What’s your dream career?

My dream career is to be a fashion designer and to shed light on the fashion industry, to help people recognize who they are as a person and to bring joy and happiness in the industry.


What does a fearless female look like to you?

A women who knows what she wants and is confident in who she is; Someone who is humble in her faults and mistakes and someone who can uplift other females and encourage other women in any of their fields, to laugh at her fear and to carry herself with dignity but not to be tunnel visioned.


Why do you think it’s important to see more women in positions of leadership?

It’s important to see women in those positions because it brings light into our thoughts and confidence to our hearts when we see that it’s possible. “Everything is possible” It’s super cliche but it’s so true, it’s the fight that no one ever talks about. The fight is where you’re going to see yourself get better and work harder for what you want. Everything is possible, but you have to be ready for the fight.


Why is it important to encourage girls and women to pursue fields stereotypically dominated by men?

I think it is important to encourage women in ANY field ALL the time. When it comes to a field that is “stereotypically dominated” by men, it can be a little hard to be fearless and confident when you don’t have the support that you need day to day. That’s why it’s so important to support the women that meet trials everyday that relate to sexuality because it can be degrading, insulting, or even just emotionally stressing to fight those trials on a daily basis. So, love all women, support all women, and uplift all women, because that’s what’s going to get you through the day.


How does being a fearless female benefit you and bring you closer to your goals?

Being fearless doesn’t come naturally to me, its always been a struggle for me to make decisions without at least three or four weeks of thought. But that’s something that had to be broken out of me, I had to learn that life is about making tough decisions and to laugh at your fears and say “you can’t bring me down”. That’s the only way that you’re going to grow and conquer your goals and your aspirations.  


What advice would you give to young girls about being a fearless female or women struggling to recognize their power?

I think it’s important to know who you are, what your weaknesses are, and what your strengths are. I know sometimes when you think about yourself you want to think about your strengths or only really positive things but it’s important to know your weaknesses because that’s how you become fearless, that’s how you strengthen yourself and work yourself into who you want to be. Also, remember that sexuality, age, race, body type, etc. doesn’t matter at all! Just love yourself where you are at and strive for the goals you want to reach. Love and admire your beautiful self!


What are you tips for being a fearless female?

1. Love yourself

2. Be yourself

3. Know yourself

4. Strive to make yourself a better you