Fearless Female Interview: Hannah N.

Who is your role model / a female that inspires you?

A female that inspires me is the poet Lang Leav. She has written multiple amazing books full of poetry and prose and is doing my dream job! She bares her soul without fear of others reading her writing. She is unapologetically herself, no matter what society says she should be. Her writings inspire me to write my heart out and not care what people think of me.


What does a fearless female look like to you?

To me, a fearless female may not have a specific outward appearance. Females come in all colors, shapes, and sizes! A fearless female looks like a strong heart, a brave face, a chin tilted upwards to the sky, and eyes full of fire and determination. A fearless female is unapologetically herself, refusing to conform to gender roles or what society says, but rather does what she needs to do to reach her goals. A fearless female doesn’t have to always be fearless, because even the greatest of people get scared sometimes. But a fearless female remembers that she is made to change the world and picks herself up and tries again.


Why do you think it's important to see women in positions of leadership?

We live in a world where people are constantly searching for role models to look up to. We want to see people similar to us in positions of leadership because that means we could one day have a higher position too. With so many males in positions of leadership, it can be hard for young females to find that similar person to look up to. The women that hold leadership positions are empowering not only themselves, but countless other women who may have felt like their voice did not matter because of how they identify their gender. We need to let females know that what they have to say is just as important as what males have to say!


Girls can do anything boys can do. This idea that boys are supposed to like science and math while girls are supposed to like writing and whatever else the gender roles say is so problematic! If a girl shows interest in a field stereotypically dominated by men, we should encourage her to discover and learn more about the field rather than shutting her down because of her gender. This can be so limiting to females, especially growing up. All children, no matter gender, should be able to grow up believing that they can be anything they want to be. If a girl has a passion, let it grow and grow! Plus, who wouldn’t like a little more girl power in men-dominated fields?


What is your dream career?

I am currently in college studying to become an elementary school teacher, so I hope that I can give advice to young girls about being fearless females in my future classroom. I’ve thought about it a lot and here’s what I would say to them: you are limitless. Whatever you dream of doing can be yours if you work hard enough. You can do anything that boys can do. It’s hard sometimes living in a society that still has prevalent gender roles, but you can be the one to break that stereotype. And one day, girls will look up to you and be inspired to follow their dreams, ignoring those imaginary and, in my opinion, quite silly boundaries set by stereotypes. If you feel a passion for something, do it. No matter what. Do not let this world rob you of the things that drive your heart.