Fearless Female Interview: Nicole M.

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Who is your role model / a female that inspires you?

I respect, admire, and can learn from women coming from all different walks of life. However, the main role model in my life is my mother. She embodies strength, loyalty, leadership and authenticity. Her ambitious spirit cannot be contained and dreams bigger than anyone I know. She never settles for the bare minimum and strives for excellence in everything her hands touch. She is the definition of a boss lady. In fact, that’s my nickname for her. But above all, she is the woman who taught me and continually inspires me to be unapologetically me. She gifted me with countless examples of how to be a determined woman who embraces the future despite fear of the unknown. She cares so deeply and has an inspiring passion for people. So, cheers to you mom! I am so in awe of the amazing woman that you are. I am eternally grateful to have a front row seat example of what a fearless female looks like.


Favorite motivational quote?

One of my all-time favorite motivational quotes is, “She was powerful, not because she wasn’t scared but because she went on so strongly, despite the fear” by Atticus. People, especially women, let fear and doubts keep them from chasing after their dreams. Often, we look at fear as a lock, safeguarding us in complacency, rather than viewing it as the key to unlocking something greater, regardless of comfortability. It is okay to be scared, but it is not acceptable to allow fear to overcome the powerful woman inside of you. Dream big and rely on the power inside of you to push past the fear. Then run, full speed ahead, toward the life you want and the woman you want to be.


What is your dream career?

I want my career to reflect my personal belief that people are the most important aspect of life. My dream career starts off in social media/influencer marketing and management. I love being hands-on working with people promoting products/services that are truly going to make a difference and help enhance people’s lives. My first step is to work on the management side laying a foundation while side-hustling my own personal ambassadorships. I believe working on both sides of the industry will help me to a more well-rounded influencer and human being.

Eventually, I would love to establish a small business, more specifically a coffee shop. Coffee is a means of trade, culture, hobby, work, and an art form for people all around the world. Personally, I want to own a local community coffee shop to reflect and empower the community that surrounds it. Additionally, I want to prove to other woman, especially younger girls, that you are capable enough of chasing your dreams and running a business.


What does a fearless female look like to you?

A fearless female is one who knows her power while yielding the courage to look fear in the eyes and progress forward. Personally, strength is my favorite quality of being a fearless woman. Strength is often looked at as manly and for this reason women tend to be mocked for embracing this characteristic. I have even had someone tell me “Nicole, you are too strong of a woman”. I am here to tell you, there is NO such thing. Being strong does not just refer to the physical or being tough. Strength comes in many forms like giving people more kindness than they deserve or standing strong in a difficult time. Strength is beautiful, and it is about time we as women start embracing it to the fullest. A fearless female is one who strives to make the other women around her better in every aspect. She is an encourager. She is passionate. She is considerate. She is a dreamer. She is ambitious. She is intelligent. She regards inward beauty the same as outward beauty. She is full of kindness, and grace. But above all, she is a lover.


How can women and girls support each other in today's world?

Women and girls, we all go through similar things in life. Yet, we make each other’s lives harder through spreading judgement and gossip from the depths of our own insecurity. I am guilty of this myself and I am here to apologize to anyone I have affected. We need to come together, linking arms, and carrying each other’s afflictions. Firstly, we need to apologize and realize the power behind a simple “I’m sorry” and the genuine forgiveness thereafter. It is our responsibility to encourage each other in kindness and love. There is no such thing as too many compliments, am I right ladies? I have noticed woman have more of a wall up with other woman because of past hurts by females. By simply telling a random woman you like her shoes, it breaks the ice and allows the other woman to take her guard down a little lower. I love to write random encouraging notes or text messages to my girlfriends to remind them how special they are and how much I value them in my life. The simplest gestures can truly have the biggest effects.