Fearless Female Interview: Alissa and Sarah

Who is your role model / a female that inspires you?

We’re so inspired by the creative business woman and mental health advocate Jen Gotch! She is truly paving the way to breaking the stigma of mental health by sharing her ups and downs. Her transparency has encouraged us to want to connect with our community and followers on a more intimate and real level. Her ability to create a brand and boss company is pretty awesome too, we don't think we will ever own enough Ban.do gear!


What does a fearless female look like to you?

A fearless female speaks her truths and doesn’t let obstacles stand in the way of what she really wants. A fearless female stands for something and lets failure make her stronger.


Why do you think it's important to see more women in leadership positions?

It’s important to see more women in positions of leadership because they represent 50% of the worlds population. Our needs should be represented by someone who can relate. We're so thankful to see the statistics of women in leadership roles increasing and hope it continues to rise!


Why is it important to encourage girls and women to pursue fields stereotypically dominated by men?

It’s so important to encourage girls to pursue their dreams! They need to know that gender does not define what they can or cannot do. Living a life full of passion for what you're doing should be simple, we need to break the stigma.


How does being a fearless female benefit you and bring you closer to your goals?

In the spirit of authenticity we sometimes struggle with being fearless. Not letting that fear weigh us down has enabled us to start our blog and branch out over the past year. Embracing the fearlessness has benefited us by pushing us out of our comfort zones every single day, trying new things, and connecting with other people.


What advice would you give to young girls about being a fearless female or wom- en struggling to recognize their power?

Every gal needs to be reminded sometimes to just let go of the fear and know that they are enough! There is nothing more powerful than banding together as women to stand for something powerful and pursue your dreams. If we ever need a reminder, we will listen to Oprah's Golden Globes speech...TIMES UP!


What makes a feminist in your eyes?

A feminist is someone who knows in their heart that all genders should have equal rights and opportunities!


How do you work to make your feminism intersectional?

We work to make our feminism intersectional by taking moments to realize and acknowledge that our experiences are different than the women that surround us.


How can women and girls support each other in today's world?

We can support each other by recognizing that we all have differences and those differences should be celebrated and supported! We believe reaching out to other females and sharing our struggles and strengths will help build a bridge of strength for each other.