Fearless Female Interview: Lola

Who is your role model / a female that inspires you?

My sister is a woman who inspires me. She's super determined and always goes after what she wants, and always works hard. She also isn't afraid to stand up for herself or to ask for help.


What does a fearless female look like to you?

A fearless female doesn't have a specific look - being fearless can mean tons of things. Anyone who is brave enough to be themselves in the face of criticism is fearless in my eyes, as well as anyone who fights for what they believe in.


Why do you think it's important to see more women in leadership positions?

As a future teacher, I think it's important to see women in positions of leadership in order to inspire young girls. I do believe it's important for women to be in positions of power because we have different perspectives than men and different perspectives are needed in all leadership positions, but I find it even more important to inspire young girls enough that they know they can be anyone they want to be.


Why is it important to encourage girls and women to pursue fields stereotypically dominated by men?

It's important for women and girls to go into careers typically dominated by men because we can!! In today's world, there's no reason for any career to be mainly men or mainly women, so the more women that go into stereotypically 'male jobs,' the more young girls will know that they can too.


What are your tips for being a fearless female?

I try to be fearless because it inspires the children I am around. By showing my students that I am not afraid to stand up for myself and I'm not afraid of making mistakes, I see them learn the same things. These are things that will make me a better teacher, as well as a better person.


What advice would you give to young girls about being a fearless female or women struggling to recognize their power?

I would tell young girls that if they don't face their fears, they won't learn. I think an important part of being a fearless female is not being afraid of making mistakes, so if girls are struggling to recognize their power, they should know that it's good to take risks, because even if it doesn't work out, they'll learn and will know better next time.


What makes a feminist in your eyes?

In my eyes, a feminist is anyone who actively defends the idea that women are completely equal to men. Being a feminist is more than just saying that you're one; if you see inequality and do nothing, you aren't a feminist. Anyone who defends women and their equality is a feminist.


How do you work to make your feminism intersectional?

To make my feminism intersectional, I make sure to include anyone and everyone in my activism. No matter anyone's race, gender, sexual orientation, or anything else, I view them as equals, because that is what feminism truly is.


How can girls and women support each other in today's world?

I don't think it's difficult to support other women in today's world. Wherever we go, we see oppression happening, and we don't need to make a huge difference in order to support each other; something as simple as saying 'You got this' to a women who is struggling can change their day. By simply showing your support, women can make a difference in each other's lives.