Fearless Female Interview: Jasmine

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Who is your role model / a female that inspires you?

Zendaya, to see a women accomplish so much at such a young age is absolutely inspiring. She has brought so many social issues to the forefront that now the younger generation is more aware of what’s going on in the world, which is important since they are our future leaders. You also can’t forget her fabulous sense of style. She slays every red carpet.


Favorite motivational quote?

“She believed she could so she did”, Sometimes women underestimate themselves or second guess their skills to achieve something and this quotes reminds me and many other women to just go for it!


What advice would you give to young girls about being a fearless female or women struggling to recognize their power?

Try EVERYTHING. Regret is a horrible feeling. You never want to look back and say I should’ve or I could’ve, go and do it! I have stepped into many situations that I knew I might have failed out or sometimes plans didn’t fall through the way I wanted it to but, at least I was able to try and say that I did it. Live life with no regrets.


What are your tips for being a fearless female?

Find out what you are passionate about and start educating and advocating. Personally, I have witnessed many hate crimes as well as racial slurs being shouted at to minorities at my school and since I do go to a predominately white institution, there is not a lot of education on minorities. Being an Afro-Latina woman, I am very passionate about my culture so I decided to start a Latino Student Union at my school last year. It wasn’t easy to get off the ground but was worth it in the end, our club won many awards and changed many lives. Little do you know, your passion can take you places no matter what it is. YOU can be fearless and make a difference.


How can women and girls support each other in today's world?

Never try to tear each other down. The power of social media can make it easy for young women to talk bad about each other or even take certain messages out of context. If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say it or don’t even associate with that person. Stay away from the negative energy and stay in a positive one. Always.