Fearless Female Interview: Jesse S.

What is your dream career?

In my wildest dreams, a fashion photographer, but it's super hard to get gigs doing that nowadays. So my plan is to go into fashion journalism and/or styling and find a way to slip photography in there somehow, whether it's a side hustle or real jobs with brands and magazines here and there. Big dreams.


What does a fearless female look like to you?

You can spot a fearless female through her actions. She will be real and open about her struggles and give tips to help others in their time of need. She isn't afraid to speak up for what is right. She owns up to her mistakes. She is bold and beautiful and 100% herself and isn't scared to show that off.


Why do you think it's important to see more women in leadership positions?

To have a strong female role model for young girls, and boys for that matter, to look up to. It's important for everyone, male or female, to see a woman being a leader so they know any and all women are capable of being anything they dream of.


Why is it important to encourage girls to pursue fields stereotypically dominated by men?

To show we can. If you can dream it, you can do it. It's also important to get differing views and ideas from women that you might not get out of men.


How does being a fearless female benefit you and bring you closer to your goals?

If you truly have no fear, and are bold, you will have no qualms about taking risks. Even though we don't like to admit it, taking risks is what gets you to where you want to be. It's super daunting, even as I'm typing this I'm getting anxious about the risks I have and will take, but are absolutely necessary. I love my comfort zone maybe a little more than most, but it's still important to realize this and get it into your head early.


What are your tips for being a fearless female?

Stop giving a shit. I'm just learning this myself, but as soon as you don't care about what other people think of you, you are completely free of society's expectations. You stop worrying so much about other people's reactions to your words and actions, so you take more risks.


What makes a feminist in your eyes?

A feminist is a person who wants equality for ALL genders, ALL sexualities, ALL races, ALL abilities, ALL religions, and so on. This person doesn't discriminate on any factors. They also learn from problematic things they say and apologize and move forward. Feminists uplift the marginalized.


How do you work to make your feminism intersectional?

Listen and learn from the marginalized. Take what they say to heart and incorporate it into your feminism. If they say that something is offensive or wrong, believe them.


How can women and girls support each other in today's world?

Stop seeing each other as competition. Girls are pit against each other by society from day one. If we can realize that we are better together, we will rise above.