Your Organic Beauty Products Aren't As Natural As You Think

For anyone who cares about what goes into the products you purchase, especially cosmetics that you are putting directly onto your skin, hair, and face, you may be shocked to discover the reality of how natural your "natural" beauty products are. The cosmetic industry is regulated very loosely in the United States, with only 10 cosmetics banned, versus 1,372 banned in Europe (!!!). Not to mention, some of these ingredients that are used to give our makeup color or condition your skin are actually carcinogens, or cancer-causing agents. (Here are 8 ingredients banned in Europe but not the US).


So if you're a little freaked out by the potentially carcinogenic ingredients in your beauty products, but don't know enough/want to do the research, you're in luck. Think Dirty® is an app created to instantly evaluate and rank the beauty products you are purchasing by simply scanning a bar code. 


Lily Tse founded Think Dirty with a mission to reveal the truths behind the beauty industry due to a family history of cancer. While researching ingredients and regulations on the cosmetic industry, Lily discovered that beauty products are not regulated like food and drugs, and thus can contain ingredients that have been possibly linked to breast cancer. 


The difficult part of navigating the beauty industry is that there is little transparency, and products labeled 'natural' or 'organic' often still contain potentially carcinogenic ingredients. Think Dirty® gives you peace of mind in purchasing products that you can feel safe and comfortable purchasing. Simply scan the barcode of your products, and it instantly lists potentially harmful ingredients and ranks items on a scale of 1 to 10 (aim for 3 or less). 


You can download Think Dirty on the App Store to easily check your products and no longer worry about what you're putting on your skin. Download it here.


Words: Jacquelyn Z.

Photo: David Parfitt