Week 9 of 52 Actions

Spring is on the horizon, and I am super stoked about it. I live in Chicago, aka the Windy City, and winters here are absolutely brutal. I can't wait to finally shed some layers and walk outside without my massive parka and scarf that could double as a blanket. But while putting the winter bulk away, I've realized how much extra winter clothing I have - from gloves, mittens, hats, etc. I definitely don't need it all, and definitely don't wear it all. With that being said, here's this week's challenge:

Donate some warm clothes to a homeless shelter.


You don't have to donate your big, expensive parka or favorite winter scarf - but if you have anything extra that you've accumulated over the years and won't use anymore, I challenge you to donate them rather than toss them out. Someone else would really appreciate it.


ICYMI, here's what we've done so far in the 52 Actions challenge. Remember to tag us when you participate!